Welcome to the Gallery!!!

I figured that since I had started taking pictures of a lot of the silversmithing projects I have done (though I got a late start, so there are some pieces that I don’t have pictures of), I wanted to create a gallery for them so that the rest of my family and friends, as well as you, can see what I’ve made, too.

As you will see, I’m definitely not blessed with any photography skills, but plan to keep my wife, Kathy, who is much more skilled with it than me, busy in the future and hope to have some better (especially clearer) pictures posted eventually.

Shown below are thumbnail pictures of just some of the work displayed in the individual pages listed under the Gallery sub-menus above, but please feel free to explore those selections where you will find more of my work categorized and including brief summaries about the project that were previously posted in the blog.

Thank you again for visiting!

David Scribner,
Silver Dimensions