Welcome to Silver Dimensions!

Here you will find blog posts covering my hobby in jewelry fabrication and creation, a gallery of photographs displaying some of the jewelry and items that I have handcrafted from silver alloys and other metals, various gems and stones, and resources that I feel have proven to be valuable in crafting them.

As I make many of the hand tools and stamps I use for silversmithing and enjoy the lapidary arts as well, some tools are covered in their fabrication and use along with gems and stones fashioned into cabochons or faceted for inclusion in the jewelry. You’ll also find stories of how Silver Dimensions came to be, all tossed in with a few shots of the workshop where sometimes, it all comes together just right.

Have a look around, and I hope you enjoy what you read and see. I’ve learned an awful lot from others (including those on the Internet) whom I’m gratefully indebted to, so perhaps I can pass some of that good will on! 😀

What’s on the bench?

At this moment, not a thing on the bench is currently being worked on. It’s actually been a while since I was last busy with jewelry-making out here in the shop (far too long!) as I’ve been extremely busy with my regular job in I.T. and life in general, but I did just spend a week of off-time thoroughly cleaning the entire workshop, top-to-bottom and wall-to-wall.

It’s a tiny workshop, so it really didn’t take all that long, but *everything* was cleaned. Tools were oiled, the floor swept, benches, shelves and containers wiped down, straightened and organized, and all equipment checked and readied for operation.

I need to get my acetylene tank refilled, but other than that I’m eager to get back at it as I still have a few projects that I would like to get finished. When I’m able to get going on them again, I’ll highlight them here in this section to give you a preview of “What’s on the bench?