Pressure Cooker Kitchen Tool

I had forgot about posting this piece when I made it. It’s not jewelry, but a Kitchen Tool I guess, and is a handle for a release knob on a pressure cooker pot.

Brass steam-release lever for Kathy’s Insta-Pot

The manufacturer only provides a stub on the knob, and when turned to release pressure the hot steam can sometimes easily get your hand if you’re not careful. Kathy loves her Insta-Pot, but that always annoyed her so I made an “extension” handle out of brass for her to use (keeping her hand a little farther away from the steam and sputtering when the pressure is released).

Made out of 24 ga. sheet, I formed a cradle or pocket that would fit over the stub on the knob, then soldered that onto the tube I created, and capped on the end with a half dome (both also made out of 24 ga. brass sheet). The overall length of the handle is 3.75”, and according to Kathy it does its job very well. 🙂

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