Overlay Scroll Cuff

A sterling silver Overlay Scroll Cuff made in 2014…

A sterling silver overlay scroll cuff

It was definitely a challenge, but I was inspired by the work of Harufumi SHIRAKI demonstrated in one of his YouTube videos.

Seeing him working with his saw also enlightened me that a long, flat bench pin with about a 1/8″ slot down the middle for a few inches or so makes piercing cuffs, bracelets and long items sooooo much easier than with a “normal” V-slot bench pin, which often restrict you from using certain angles or areas on the pin due to its shorter length and/or openness of the “V”.

So much so, that after I made one and started using it, I now find myself constantly swapping between it and a “regular” pin on literally every project since, using it for the vast majority of my piercing work now, and don’t know how anyone can do without one!

Side view of the sterling silver overlay scroll bracelet

For this cuff I drew out about an inch of the scroll pattern on paper with ends that would match up to each other, then scanned that and paste/fit the digital pieces together to create one long continuous scroll, then printed the pattern off for use as the template.

Using both 6/0 and 8/0 blades to pierce the top layer with tight, sharp corners took a lot of patience (and not to mention more than a few blades!).

It turned out really nice and is one of the pieces I’m especially proud of to this very day, although my photographs certainly don’t do it justice. 🙁

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