Sterling Silver Men’s Wedding Ring

A sterling silver Wedding Ring I created for, and along with, one of my nephews, Torrey…

Sterling silver men’s wedding ring

After some scrap sterling was melted and poured into an ingot, it was then rolled and forged into a band, soldered closed then filed and formed on the inside edges for an extremely comfortable fit.

I smoothed the outer edges as well, but left the hammer marks from forging on the inner area to give a little play with light. The two grooves were created with a jeweler’s saw deep enough to hold an oxidized patina, and add a little extra style to what would otherwise have been a somewhat plain band.

Torrey thought the ring turned out absolutely wonderful. And, not only was he there during entire fabrication process and contributed to the ring’s design, but it was a handmade gift from his Uncle for a very special event that I hope he’ll keep and cherish for a very long time!

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