Sterling Silver Om Overlay Pendant (and Stacker Ring)

A sterling silver Om overlay pendant and Moonstone stacker ring I created for a co-worker to give to his wife as an anniversary present.

Sterling silver Om overlay pendant with Moonstone stacker ring

The bale was formed from half-round wired shaped and filed to give it a slight “valley” down the center, with a border of twisted rope wire. The base of the overlay was textured with a diamond bit after being soldered onto the top pierced layer, which adds a bit of dimension to the patina given by the liver of sulfur.

Ironically, the ring came about as the square-wire band was textured on three sides with a cross-peen hammer, and had actually been soldered onto the edge of the pendant as a border element. But, I didn’t like the way it looked and wound up cutting it back off, and went with the twisted rope border instead. Not wanting to allow the textured wire to entirely go to waste though, I cleaned it back up a bit and created the Moonstone stacker ring band with some of it instead. 😀

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