Green Moss Agate Earrings

Sterling silver and green Moss Agate earrings

A pair of green Moss Agate and sterling earrings made to go with a matching pendant (see the previous post Sterling Silver Green Moss Agate Pendant for pics/info on that). The 12×8 mm pear-shaped stones are set in backless step bezels which were made from 16 ga. square wire set inside 28 ga. sheet.

For the earrings I also formed pear-shaped studs for the posts, connected to the bezels on the stones with 1.3 mm flat drawn cable chain so they will dangle.

To form the studs I rolled out a small ingot to 2.25 mm thick, cut it in half then super-glued the pieces together, back-to-back. By doing this it allows me to cut, file and form the studs so they match in size and symmetry. Once the forming is done, warming them slightly with the torch breaks the bond, and acetone removes any remaining glue residue left behind.

Here’s a shot of the back of the earrings (and pendant) showing the backless step bezels made to highlight the transparency and green mossy inclusions of these beautiful stones.

Green Moss Agate earrings and pendant, back sides showing stepped bezel.

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