Sterling Silver Green Moss Agate Pendant

Sterling silver and green Moss Agate pendant

A sterling silver and green Moss Agate pendant made to go with matching earrings (see the next post Green Moss Agate Earrings for pics/info on those). The 15×10 mm pear-shaped stone is set in a backless step bezel which was made from 14 ga. square wire set inside 28 ga. sheet, and uses a simple fixed bale made in 24 ga. sheet.

I’m currently waiting on chain for the pendant to arrive. It will also be of flat drawn cable chain, but in a heavier gauge than the 1.3 mm chain used on the earrings. Once it arrives I’ll use 16″ of it and solder on a lobster clasp and O-ring sized for the chain.

Here’s a shot of the back of the pendant (and earrings) showing the backless step bezels made to highlight the transparency and green mossy inclusions of these beautiful stones.

Sterling silver and green Moss Agate pendant and earrings, back side showing stepped bezels

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