Sterling Silver Sunflower Pendant with Yellow CZ

A multi-layer Sunflower Pendant from 2014 having a granulated center (I wasn’t at all happy with how THAT turned out) around a faceted 5mm yellow Cubic Zirconium set in a crown prong setting. All components were fabricated separately from sheet or wire.

Sterling silver Sunflower pendant with yellow CZ, front

The backside of the Sunflower pendant turned out great though. The sepal was textured with sandpaper and a hammer, and the stem was cut from a few millimeters of wire and textured with striations to give it a realistic appearance. The sepal and stem were then domed and soldered to the back of the flower (also domed), and a bale of round wire invisible from the front accepts the chain.

Sterling silver Sunflower pendant with yellow CZ, front

The granules and prong elements on the front of the flower were soldered on last while the flower rested in a depression on the charcoal block. And, I know now what I should have done to get the granules properly fused to the flower (and I should have made them smaller, too), but my wife loves this “prototype” just as it is, so it was saved from getting tossed into the scrap bucket and the stone was set. 😉

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